What is blepharoplasty?

Surgery to correct drooping of upper eyelids is called “blepharoplasty.” Drooping of the upper eyelids is often caused by problems with the muscles that lift the eyelid (blepharoptosis) or by excessive upper eyelid skin (dermatochalasis). Drooping lids can cause peripheral vision problems.

Blepharoplasty involves removing excess tissue and reinforcing the muscles around the eyes. A blepharoplasty may be indicated when eyelids droop to the extent that a person must:

  • Tip the head back to see better
  • Raise the eyebrows to lift the eyelids

What is ectropion and entropion?

Ectropion is a condition in which your lower eyelid turns outward. This leaves the inner eyelid surface exposed which often leads to irritation. Ectropion is more common in older adults.

Entropion is a condition involving the eyelid turning inward. It allows eyelashes and skin rub against the eye surface which causes irritation. Entropion is also more common in older adults.

Treatment for both of these conditions include eye drops and lubricating ointments to relieve symptoms, but surgery may also be required to correct the eyelid position. Without treatment, these conditions may damage the eye’s corneas.

What is blepharitis?

Blepharitis is chronic redness, irritation, and flaking of the eyelids which can lead to lid infection and irritation of the eye. Long term affects of blepharitis can include thickened lid margins, eye lash loss, entropion, ectropion, and chronic irritation of the eyes.

Blepharitis treatment includes applying warm compresses and cleaning and applying antibiotic ointment to the eyelids.

What should I do if my eyelids are affecting my vision?

If you’re experiencing drooping around the eyes or irritation due to eyelid position and are interested in treatment, please make an appointment with Dr. Barad for further testing.

We prefer to only conduct procedures when they are medically necessary because of vision loss, not for cosmetic purposes.

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