• "I’ve been dealing with an eye allergy on top of pinkeye and got a same-day appointment to be seen in your office today, and I have to say y’all are running a fantastic practice! Every person I encountered on your team from the after-hours message service all the way through checkout were kind, professional, and very helpful. I’ve never encountered such a seamless, squared-away healthcare practice. All the details were taken care of down to driving directions, a beautiful building, user-friendly electronic check-in, a sample of prescription drops. While I didn’t want to be dealing with my eye situation, I was really blown away at the level of service and professionalism I experienced today at Eye Associates. You really have something special there, and I hope more healthcare providers can learn from your best practices."
  • "Dr. Marshall (Sheron) - Thank you for the gift of sight that you gave me on my birthday (yesterday)!! Thankfully, Gratefully,"
  • "Dr. Marshall, I am a grateful recipient of your years of hard work and training; your skilled hands, kind words, and caring follow-up. And the scones with coffee after surgery set the tone for recovery. It is a pleasure to know you. I will refer others with my highest recommendation. Sincerely with Thanks and Blessings,"
  • "Dear Dr. Marshall, at the beginning of 2014, my eyesight began failing. I became worried that my type II diabetes was beginning to cause blindness. I prayed to God to heal my eyesight to be restored immediately! My wife happened to visit you a few months later, and she was very happy with you. I decided to go to you for an eye exam and became ecstatic to be diagnosed with cataracts as I knew that cataracts were treatable. You have been the answer to my prayers. The words "thank you" are not enough…"
  • "Best eye care facility in Colorado Springs!"
    Chuck J.
  • "I love these guys!"
    Justin R.
  • "I am so glad I have Dr. Marshall in my life because she has improved the quality of it! Both of my cataract surgeries were flawless and I appreciate her very caring, personable manner. And I'm fortunate enough that I live in Colorado so that I can be treated by one of the top eye surgeons in the nation! You should see the smile in my eyes!"
    B.B. Zajac
  • "Dr. Marshall, I want to express my admiration and appreciation for you and your team’s professionalism on 17 January 2013 during cataract surgery on my right eye and surgery on my left eye on 13 February 2013. I did not experience pain during the procedure or at any time afterwards. More importantly, I feel like I am a new man despite my age of 76. With great regards, B. RHOTEN BRIG GEN, USAF, RET."
    B. Rhoten
  • "Dr. Marshall and Staff - Thank you for the new eye and especially for being so caring. You and your staff made a day I was dreading a good experience. I'm actually eager for the next surgery. May God's blessings shower you all."
    Pat G.
  • "Thank you for the lovely flowers and coffee mug! That was so very thoughtful of you! But then that's what all of you are about, caring, concern, and compassion! It makes you all very special. My eyes have healed just beautifully. Thank you again to you Dr. Carlson and your wonder staff."
    L. Ross
  • "On Jan 19 and Feb 8 2012, Dr Sheron Marshall removed my cataracts. I just want you to know what a painless and perfect experience it was, from the efficient preparation, which left no stone un-turned to insure a successful outcome, to the surgeries. I felt at the time that I received the most advanced treatment available, and the experience was easy, painless and I came through with clear vision right away. So thanks to Dr Marshall and the entire staff."
    J. Green
  • "Thank you for always smiling and taking time to meet us on Saturday after Tanis' surgery. Thank you for doing such a great job fixing his eye. We are so lucky to have you as an eye doctor. You are amazing at your job and it is such a great added bonus that you are a genuinely nice person on top of that. Thank you for everything!"
    T. Schaff
  • "Dr. Marshall, I am so thankful for your understanding and help in the care of my mother. Alzheimer's is a very difficult disease for the patient and caregiver. Thank you for your consideration in a very difficult situation. I appreciate all you did to help us."
  • "Dr. Marshall, A garden of thanks - you are a miracle worker. Because of you I can "see" what I was missing."
    S. R.
  • "On December 1, 2011, I had cataract surgery on my left eye. I was a little apprehensive, but when I saw the care everybody was giving me before and after the surgery, I felt at easy. My surgery was scheduled for 11:30 and Dr. Marshall called in the afternoon and inquired about my status. I told them that I felt fine and even though my vision was still a little fuzzy, I could see the difference. Everyone involved in the procedure was so nice and friendly…"
    F. Garcia
  • "Dear Brenda and Dr. Marshall, After over 30 years of wearing glasses – you’ve given me a wonderful gift that defies words. I have found myself gazing on the Colorado Mountains that surround Colorado Springs and I see their glory and grandeur as though I’m seeing them for the first time. I’ve lived in Colorado Springs for over 30 years, and it’s just remarkable how Lasik has given me the chance to see things as if I’ve never seen them…"
    J. Hammond
  • "Dr. Marshall and Brenda, I just wanted to thank you both for the outstanding professional care you have provided for me. I came to you asking about a possible PRKLasik enhancement. During the evaluation, you identified to additional critical treatments for my eyes that not only help my vision but will help me keep my eyesight. I really appreciate the entire process and the great outcome for my vision. I look forward to working with you for all my future eye care needs.."
    Bill C.
  • "Dr. Marshall, I am very pleased with the results of my cataract surgery. I have a more clearer vision than I have had in years. To view TV, drive, read and operate a computer without the aid of eye glasses is great. Thank you for your expert care."
    G. Ferribee
  • "I just wanted to let you and Dr. Marshall know that I had my yearly eye exam this last Saturday July 30th up at your north office. I cannot remember her name...Dr. P? I just remember it was hard to say. :) Maybe you already got a copy of my exam from her, but if not I wanted to let you know so that you could put it with my Lasik records. By the way, 3 years out and I'm still seeing 20/20!!! Thank you guys so much!"
    Krystal R.
  • "Dear Dr. Marshall, What a wonderful gift you have given to me! And what a joy it is to be able to see clearly. At church yesterday I was able to make out the faces of the choir members in the last row, something I had been unable to do before. I know how long and how hard you studied and trained, and today this may be considered routine surgery, but to me it is a miracle. Thank you! Thank you!"
    Paul C.
  • "Dr. Marshall is not only an excellent physician, but her manner is friendly and very caring and that means a lot to me. I'm so glad I have her in my corner!"
    Bernadette Z.
  • "I would first like to thank Brenda and Dr. Marshall for the exceptional care and treatment that had taken place four months ago. Choosing Eye Associates of Colorado Springs has been the best decision I have ever made. It has changed my life to new meanings. I now have the opportunity to bike, ski, camp, and participate in water activities with one less thing to worry about. It has also made my work life easier with having to wake up early in the morning…"
    Brian C.
  • "I met with Brenda on March 29, 1010 to discuss the possibility of having a LASIK procedure to improve my distance vision. I arrived 10 minutes early for my appointment and was pleasantly surprised to find she was actually ready and waiting, no long wait in the waiting room for me!!! During the initial screenings, it was difficult to get an accurate reading of my vision (typical for me) so it appeared she went above standard protocol and performed supplementary screenings in order to get an accurate reading…"
    James L.
  • "Dr. Marshall, My family and I are immensely grateful and highly appreciative of your skills and expertise and those of your staff. The bountiful care and treatment given me in recent month have exceeded my expectations. Thank you so very much."
    Jim O.
  • "A heartfelt thank you for your great skills and kindness."
  • "Dr. Marshall and Brenda, Thanks for going there! I want to thank both of you for helping me get my eyesight back...actually, better than ever! I really see better than I ever have before! I find myself saying, 'Wow, this is awesome!' several times throughout the day. Thank you for your great service and extra time you spent with me to make sure everything was right. I really appreciate you guys and will recommend your team to anyone and everyone interested in LASIK! I LOVE my new eyesight!"
    Krystal R.
  • "Dr. Marshall did an excellent job diagnosing my eye problem and provided me with a comprehensive eye exam. I had laser surgery over 10 years ago and she confirmed that everything is going great for me. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Marshall."
    Scott A.
  • "Dr. Marshall is one of the few doctors in today's world of managed care who takes as much time as you need without ever feeling rushed, and thoroughly explains any plan of care and all options. I highly recommend her and now refer my clients to her."
    Sandee W.
  • "Sheron is an experienced medical professional who provides the highest level of service to her patients. Her staff is professional, respectful and makes patients feel at ease and valued. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sheron Marshall to anyone who is in need of a caring, expert eye care professional."
    Patricia G.
  • "Sheron combines a warm personality with experience and expertise in a well run office."
    Mike M.
  • "Sheron is a true professional and an inspiration for her clients! Her integrity and commitment to her clients is more than professional...it's personal. That in itself, within the health care industry, is unheard of. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my eyesight!"
    Marc Y.
  • "As always, Dr. Baron goes above and beyond to make sure his patients get the best examination he can give them. We had some difficulties today with my son's exam due to his wheelchair, but Dr. Baron found an innovative way to complete that particular part of the exam and even had himself in somewhat of an awkward position to get it done. He's the greatest! I love the new office! I'm only sad that the optical shop does not take Medicaid. That makes things more difficult for many people…"
    Verlene B.
  • "Dear Dr. Marshall, I want you to know how appreciative I am for the great care I received from you and all your staff. You are a very remarkable group. I look forward to seeing some of you later this month and send wishes for a good holiday season to all of you. Kindest Regards,"
  • "I have been served by you all for years and most recently received wonderful care through cataract surgeries. I am seeing better than ever. I cannot thank you all enough, especially Dr. Marshall. Gratefully,"
  • "Dr. Marshall, Thanks for making my eyes wonderful! You are an incredible doctor and have a very kind way about you! Blessings,"
  • "My cataract surgery done by Dr Marshall in May 2014 was SO remarkable. It has changed the quality of my life to the highest possible level. Dr Marshall and her staff made the entire procedure go extremely smooth. Their professionalism and expertise was very comforting to me. I would highly recommend Dr Marshall to anyone looking for an Eye Physician."
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Smetana for several years. I recently was seen by Dr. Walz, and just want to say that she absolutely "nailed" my prescription! I can see perfectly at distance and read with ease, even the fine print! This is by far the best vision I have had since going to progressive lenses. I'd also comment that her eye exam was the most thorough vie ever had. Thank you so much!"
    Dick C.
  • "Thank you so very much for helping me to see clearly again! God Bless you Dr. Marshall! Love,"

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